• Kristy Mckenzie

Too Much Information

I have written, and rewritten post after post, and not hit the publish button. You see, there was so much noise, and it didn't feel right to add to the noise. You have been bombarded with news, opinions, theories and hearsay for weeks on end now. Navigating our way through the information to find out facts has been overwhelming for most. Truth be told, this situation is completely uncharted territory, and quite simply, there is no 'information pamphlet' we can follow. I have been on the phone to so many salon owners who simply need help to clear their mind to make a choice on their next step, because this is a situation of literally one step at a time. A daily step in the right direction for you.

So I decided to write a post about choices. Whilst many many choices have been taken away, there are many that remain. Making the right choice is something that only you can make. Here are some examples of what choices you have;

  • If you leave the house today or not

  • If you scroll through social media or not

  • If you apply for government assistance or not

  • If you make all your staff redundant or apply for job seeker - Yes this is a choice

  • If you turn up to work in your business everyday, or not

  • If you communicate proactively or ignore emails

  • If you download the Covid App - or not

  • If you shower or not

  • If you get out of your Pj's or not

Many many choices and they are yours to make. You can also choose who you listen to. I would encourage you to look at who is leading, and who is simply adding to the noise. Also, look at the motivation behind each piece of information you engage in. Ask yourself 'What is this person/group/media outlet trying to achieve by writing this. Is it fear-mongering? Is it a quiet pitch to sell you something? Is it to assert their authority or stay relevant? The motive behind the message is more important than the message, and I encourage you to think about that because only you can take the next step, and whatever that may be, you should feel supported, not criticized or judged.

There is still a long way to go yet, and what the other side will look like is ambiguous. Secret Salon Society is here to support what ever choice you make, and we will help you feel empowered to do so without judgment. What is our motive behind this post? To help you feel more in control. Because with a loss of control we spiral and make poor choices. When you are in control, you make better decisions, and at the end of the day, that is what we want for you.

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